Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Unbeliveable cheap prices for gas and electricity

All of the big 6 energy provider in the UK offer very cheap heavily discounted deals to encourage you to switch your gas and electricity but does this cost you more in the long run.

It's really rather clever because after that tempting deal that encouraged you to switch expires you automatically go on to a tariff with no discount, usually after a year. If you do a price comparison at this point, and the vast majority of people don't, the old bills that you use to compare will still look better than the comparisons because all you have is the bill from that heavily discounted year when your gas and electricity were super cheap. You can't compare your current non-discounted tariff you are actually on for another year. So most people stick where they are at this point. Very few people bother to check after the 2nd year.

If you think about it no matter who you get you electricity from it comes from the same power station so how can there be such a big range of prices and such cheap prices when the big 6 make such huge profits. Well 90% of people are no longer on a great deal.  Let French & Saunders show you how to save money!

If you play the system with the big 6 and switch every year you can save money on your gas and electricity, but most people can't be bothered with the hassle which is where the big 6 make those huge profits.

So is there a way to just get a great value prices on Gas and Electricity without all the hassle of having to constantly monitor the market and keep switching. I'll tell you how in my next post...

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Not such a great deal

Have you ever noticed how some offers only seem to save you money for a short period of time? I'm sure you know the deals I mean the ones that say something like only £5.99 a month in big letters and then somewhere in small print its says for the first 3 months. Of course after that deal clinching special offer expires you find yourself having to pay the piper and your locked into a contract for 12 month or longer.

Wouldn't it be nice to just get good value all the time, not a special price for a while and then be locked into some higher price later? Well stay tuned because I'll be telling you how you can save money and go on saying money month after month, year after year.