Monday, March 16, 2009

Copilot 7 Live

The most obvious difference between Wayfinder and CoPilot is that CoPilot is installed on your phone and requires no Internet connection to work. The CoPilot user interface uses good size icons so you never need to reach for the stylus. So from a usability perspective it beats Wayfinder. However it's voice directions are not as good as those on Wayfinder, it is often a little late with it's instructions especially when you have a series of quick turns to make. You have to keep an eye on the map to predict what's coming up and occasionally it gives some odd direction so you have to apply some common sense on top of the directions it gives. It also has a habit of occasionally telling you to bare left or right when the road you are on curves to the left or the right near to a junction, when what you actually need to do is not turn off and stick to the road you are on. Once you get used to the odd foibles and remember to check the map when you are in a built up area it's an adequate enough system.

However the desktop software to update the system does not run on 64 bit operating systems. As 64 bit systems have been around for a good many years now this seems to me like a bit of heal dragging. It's not really acceptable not to have 64 bit compatibility anymore and it's about time they got this sorted out. I've also not managed to send a link sucessfully to anyone to use the live features. I've sent links to several email addresses but they never arrive. Where as wayfinder have one of the best customer support services I've ever come across CoPilot has one of the worst. Here's their response to a problem I raised
This fault has been logged and escalated to our development team for feedback and will be prioritised along with other bugs to be fixed as soon as possible.  Unfortunately at this stage, we cannot give you an estimated fix time.

All in All the software will get you from A to B but there are plently of holes in the system as a whole.