Saturday, March 07, 2009

Wayfinder SatNav on Mobile Phone

I had a few problems getting Wayfinder working on my Sony Experia X1 but with the help of the excellent customer support It wasn't long before I was navigating with ease. Let me just make two things clear the problem in getting Wayfinder to work was actually to do with the way Vodafone had set up the access point on my phone and secondly Wayfinder customer support is without a doubt the best technical support I have ever received by miles. They were competent and extremely helpful, if only all technical help was this good.

I really liked the voice directions which were clear and helpful, however the product suffers from a number of unforgivable problems. 1. Although most of the user interface can be worked by touching finger size icons on the screen there are a number of places where you have to reach for the stylus. This makes using Wayfinder on the move in the car, impractical. 2. If you lose your Internet connection while on route, Wayfinder asks you if you want to cancel or continue your route. You will need your stylus to answer and if you select to continue it resets the route so you have to specify your destination again. As you are bound to lose your connection on some journeys this make the system unusable. If Wayfinder can sort out these two issues they will have a first class product at a reasonable price when you sign up for the service for three years.

In my next post, I'll be looking at CoPilot.