Sunday, April 05, 2009

Recover Photos from a Corrupt Memory Card

If your memory card is corrupted and you can't read it to get your photos off of it what do you do.

First don't try to take any more pictures on the card, be assured all is not necessarily lost, it may be possible to still retrieve your photos. I've looked at three programs that can retrieve photos from a formatted or corrupted memory card. The card can be any type of flash card SD, MD, MCC, Compact flash, etc.

The three programs I've tried are
  • Zero Assumption Digital Image Recovery
  • MJM Free photo data recovery software
  • Art Plus Digital Photo Recovery 3
I should point out that I had a corrupted 16Gb SD card which contained 150 photos in RAW file format. While all three will probably restore your photos if you are trying to restore jpeg files the results for RAW images varied from poor quality and slow performance to perfectly restored photos. So which one was best. I'll post a seperate review of each over the next few posts.